Dental Technology

As dentists, we use the latest dental technology to diagnose diseases, improve routine procedures, and prevent illness. We choose to employ these technologies because we know that they will greatly benefit you, our valued patients.

Diagnodent Laser

This laser helps us to detect dental caries (cavities) in their earliest stages, so we can treat them while they are still very small and haven’t done as much damage to your teeth. Early treatment of cavities can prevent severe damage to every structure in your mouth.

Rotary Root Canals

Rotary root canals utilize an electrically-powered instrument to replace traditional manual files. The tip of this new electric hand tool is made of nickel titanium, which is far more flexible than the old stainless steel tools. Because the rotary instrument is so flexible, it can be inserted into the root canal more easily, without causing damage to the passageway.

Intraoral Cameras

Being able to see what the dentist sees when he or she looks inside your mouth can help you better understand our recommendations for your treatment. An intraoral camera provides this view to patients and professionals alike as well as precise and accurate information about your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Taking digital images of your teeth and mouth is far safer because this imaging technology uses a fraction of the radiation of traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are also easier to store, share, and read. The pictures of your mouth are more detailed and reliable than traditional x-ray images.

Using digital x-rays provides a better quality of dental care while providing highly accurate images to professionals like ourselves.

Oral Cancer Screening

At Crater Lake Dental, we place the utmost importance on preventive care, including detecting and treating oral cancer as soon as possible. When you visit us for routine cleanings and exams, our team will screen you for oral cancer.

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