Gum Disease: Scaling And Root Planing

Even if you brush and floss regularly and visit the dentist twice a year, you may still need extra care when it comes to keeping your gums healthy. In some cases, plaque and tartar can extend beneath the gum line.

When this happens, it’s necessary for us to perform deep cleaning, which in dental terminology is referred to as scaling and root planing. If you’ve experienced painful, swollen, or bleeding gums, we recommend you come in for a consultation for periodontal disease.

Treatment for Gum Disease

We’ll only perform a scaling and root planing treatment if it’s the best course of action, which we determine by performing a thorough dental exam. However, there is nothing to fear from this treatment. Scaling and root planing can be highly beneficial when it comes to preserving your gum health.


Through this procedure, we use specialized instruments, including a scaling tool, which allows us to remove the calculus and plaque buildup from your teeth. These tools can also be used to deliver a powerful antimicrobial agent to your gums, which will help prevent bacteria from accumulating again.

Root Planing

After we’ve cleared your teeth of toxins, we’ll use a root planing tool to smooth the surfaces of your teeth. When the surfaces of your teeth are clean and smooth, it is much more difficult for bacteria to accumulate there.


After we have performed the deep cleaning, we may fill your gum pockets with antibiotics. This will help to soothe any irritation that has occurred and will help your gums heal more quickly.

At your follow-up appointment, we’ll check your gums to determine how well they have healed. This usually entails measuring the depth of each gum pocket. If these pockets are still deep, we need to continue the deep cleaning treatments or pursue other treatments.

Benefits of Gum Disease Treatment

Once your gums are healthy and strong again, you can rest assured that you will be in better overall physical health as well. Healthy gums help prevent disease because gum infections can travel through the bloodstream to the rest of the body and cause issues like lung infections and heart disease.

Your teeth will also be healthier. If your gums are allowed to deteriorate, you’ll eventually lose your teeth as well. Scaling and root planing can also improve the appearance of your teeth, as this procedure tends to remove stains, tartar, and plaque.

Treat Your Gum Disease at Crater Lake Dental

If you’ve experienced problems with your gums or have questions about our gum disease prevention treatment, please call today.