Root Canals

Root canals can seem scary at first, but they are a brilliant way to save and repair a tooth that is deeply infected or decayed. Your tooth’s root is surrounded by a network of nerves. When an infection penetrates deep into this area, you may experience extreme pain. the health of your tooth is in grave danger.

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure allows us to clean out your tooth’s root, removing damaged tissue and bacteria and then sealing off the tooth to prevent future infections. A root canal can preserve and protect a tooth that was once compromised.

To put it bluntly, a root canal can prevent you from having to undergo a tooth extraction and losing your tooth altogether. You’ll also be relieved of all the pain, discomfort, and sensitivity emanating from the infected tooth.

At Crater Lake Dental, we are careful to perform root canals as gently and efficiently as possible. Choosing a root canal treatment can help save your tooth and spare your pocketbook, as tooth replacement is much more expensive than treating an infection.

More About Root Canal Therapy

Usually, root canal therapy is a relatively simple treatment. If you could peer inside your tooth, you would see a complicated network of nerves, tissues, blood vessels, and nutrients. We call this network the tooth’s pulp.

However, if the pulp becomes infected, it can die. Nutrients are cut off and nerve signals are affected. When you don’t treat this infection, you usually experience a severe toothache, and in the end, you will lose the tooth.

You can stop this downward spiral by seeking root canal therapy.

Benefits to Receiving a Root Canal

In the past, if your pulp became infected, the dentist would simply pull your tooth. Fortunately, modern dentistry allows us to perform root canals. A root canal can give you immediate relief from your toothache.

In the long-term, preserving your tooth through a root canal can mean the prevention of bone loss and receding gums, both of which tend to happen when you lose an adult tooth. Your entire mouth will be healthier, and you’ll be able to preserve your facial structure as well!

Get Pain Relief Now

Avoiding treatment for your infection means that it will probably get worse. However, you can have almost immediate relief from your pain and preserve your natural tooth if you choose to pursue root canal therapy. Please give us a call today. We are ready to help with your pain and infection.