Teeth Whitening

One of the first things people notice about you is your smile. A happy, vibrant, healthy smile tells people that you are confident and fun. However, if you regularly hide your smile or are only willing to give a tight-lipped grin, people may assume you are a shy curmudgeon.

An easy way to gain more confidence in your smile is through teeth whitening. Currently, there are many over-the-counter options available for this process. Unfortunately, most of these options produce underwhelming or barely noticeable results.

We highly recommend a professional teeth whitening by our team here at Crater Lake Dental!

Professional whitenings make a real difference in your smile, for a more dramatic change and longer lasting results. We provide two different options, so you can choose between take-home treatments or in-office teeth whitening.

Take Your Whitening Treatments Home With You!

With this method, we will create teeth whitening trays for you. These trays are customized to your teeth and mouth, so they fit comfortably. We’ll also provide the professional-grade teeth whitening gel, which you will apply to the trays.

You’ll want to do this every day. We’ll give you complete instructions on how to do it to achieve the best results. In most cases, we’ll recommend that you wear the trays for one hour a day for a two week period.

This is a method that many of our patients prefer because it includes the convenience of whitening your teeth at home and on your own time.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For this procedure, you will stay in the dentist chair. The treatment usually takes from 60-90 minutes  in only one dental visit!

First we’ll place a protective guard that shields your tongue, gums, and lips, so only your teeth are exposed. We then apply the tooth whitening agent directly onto your teeth. This is a completely safe procedure that doesn’t damage your teeth enamel like some over-the-counter products can.

After the agent has had time to take effect, we’ll remove all the implements. Voila! You will be able to enjoy a brand new gleaming smile!

Brighter Smiles at Crater Lake Dental

To change your smile in as little as an hour, nothing beats teeth whitening! If you have questions about our process or would like to schedule an appointment, please call today.